At the risk of being too obscure…

At the risk of being too obscure...

Oh my glob you guys.

What’s your favourite LSP quote?

(Don’t know what I mean? Google Adventure time.
Sorry, not sorry.)


Katherine the Witch part 1 of x

So this a story I wrote for a young writers competition a while back, and while I didn’t win (pfft. The judges obviously don’t know greatness when I send it to them in the mail. pfft), I like it, probably more than some of my other stories… anyway:

Katherine the Witch

Part I of x

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So. (Come on Ciara, think of something to say!)

So-o-o. (Oh GOD that was lame!)


Hi! (Cringing, cringing, GOD cringing is a ridiculous word, but, nonetheless, cringing)

So if I were to say not to laugh, would you want to laugh?


So I think what I’m gonna use this here glob for is to put some of my writing… on the internet… for the world… to see.

In theory, of course. Because how is the whole world going to see this? They’re not.

Thanks be to the God that I don’t quite believe in.

And what I mean by all that, is, methinks, that I will post stuff I have done, and that inspires me, and that, hopefully, it will inspire the most minute, infinitesimal bit of interest in you? Fr rlz.