Katherine the Witch part 2 of x

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Anyway, heres you go!

She walked back to her small tent that she shared with the other Maids-of-Honour, changed into her night-time shift, and slipped into the welcome numbness of sleep.

She woke up to the relentless twittering of her tent-mates and, after her tiring-woman had helped her into her bone-crushing corset and gown that was required of anyone with a decent social standing in court, Katherine shooed her away. She took a set of keys out of a pocket in her shift, and used it to open the thrice-locked chest she kept with her at all times.

She took her time unfastening each compartment, chanting to herself:

Keep the First locked until

You know that She is yours to kill.

Katherine opened the First segment, only long enough to make sure her little butterfly was still in there. It was thin, delicate, and special, it’s wings the palest imaginable shade of violet… Katherine brushed along it’s light, brittle wing with one finger, noting the particles of the glittering, lilac dust on her skin, before locking the First again.

Then, the Second, use with care

Cautiously, ‘gainst Lady Fair.

As Katherine opened the Second, a small bottle full of a dark, inky liquid rolled into her hand, almost falling on the ground next to her. As it was, a mere drop fell onto her dress, the place where it had fallen instantly turning black as soot. She sniffed the spot where the curious mixture had landed. She smelled grass, and wind, and ripe, juicy apples before she picked up her knife and matter-of-factly cut the stitches on her sleeve. Underneath where the inky splodge on the piece of material falling softly to the ground had been, Katherine’s skin was dyed blood-red, and was burning slightly. And before she locked the Second again, she rubbed her fingers, sending tiny motes of dust from the butterfly’s wing spiralling into the jar.

The Third you will greatly need

If you’re to kill the Virgin Queen.

The Third was empty. Katherine had taken the small, copper knife from there long ago, and kept it on her at all times. Copper was known for it’s fragility, and although Katherine knew some of the court would encourage her to keep it on her person, she was equally aware that a Maid of Honour carrying a knife was both unorthodox and probably illegal. As it was, the tip of the knife had a crusty, reddish-brown coating, that came from long exposure to blood.

She locked the Third, and put the box, given to her so long ago, back in it’s usual position.

So, as mentioned above, tell me what you think! I… I can handle it…

Here’s a link to the first part!

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