Katherine the Wicth part 4 of x

The next Sunday, when the Amcotts family went to mass, Katherine snuck the book in under her shirt, and, afterwards, showed the book to a priest. He took it from her, and after looking at it for a while, promised to show it to one of his acquaintances, and inform her of what he discovered. A few days later, Margaret Amcotts was arrested. She proceeded to be executed without trial, leaving the Amcotts family despised by the small village they lived in.

“One of our own, executed! Here!” they said.

They still don’t really believe it, but…

“She was charged for witchcraft!

Dear Mother,

I regret to inform you that disaster has struck! On Royal Progress to Hatfield Manor, one of the Maids of Honour attempted to murder her Majesty! As a stable groom, I am not privy to the inner secrets of court, but it caused quite a scandal, I can assure you.

The maid (whose name I am, sadly, not aware of), who had been advising the Queen as to her health recently, was discovered in Elizabeth’s temporary abode with a knife! How would one get into her Majesty’s chambers with a knife, for God’s sake?

Either way, what I hear is that a gentleman saw the Maid’s silhouette when she was about to stab our monarch, and rushed right in, proceeding to kill the maid. The really strange thing, though, the one that has the whole court in a tizzy, is that she refused to bleed! Struck right in the stomach, and not a single drop of the girl’s blood touched the ground.

The character grows more suspicious by the minute, however, as apparently not only was this girl attempting to murder her Royal Highness, she has been poisoning her for months! I believe the Queen is being tested right now, but how they can ever tell what substances were implanted into our leader is quite beyond me, I assure you…

I only know any of this from listening to noble’s chatter, but apparently an odd little box was found in her room, also, filled with all manners of suspicious little objects.

What do you make of this, Mother?

Could this maid, as so many say of her, truly be a witch?

That’s the end of it you guys!

I hope you liked it, and there’ll be another post by the end of the day.




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