My Favourite Things

So, considering most of my followers (except, I think, one?) don’t know me, the most you could tell a stranger about me is the tiny bits of my personality encapsulated in the About page of this blog, and that’s, you know, fine. But I think as I’ve started blogging more (um, two days ago?), I want to share a wee bit of myself with you guys, specifically, little things I have amassed that say something about me.

So here goes!

  1. Piggy, my oh-so-creatively-named Beanie Buddy pig. I can’t exactly say I “amassed” this little guy as such, because he was given to me before I was strictly born, but of all the (considerable amount of) teddies I’ve owned in my life, this little guy has to be my favourite. (Note: he is the second one shown on the Ty website that I linked you to!)
  2. My Staedtler Fineliners. I got these maybe three years back, and I still have the same ones. I got them, as far as  I can remember, because one of my friends had them, and treated them like gods… marker gods… And I suppose some of her worshipfulness rubbed off on me! They’re great for things such as inking pictures you’ve drawn, but the nibs are so thin that colouring large spaces is a bit of a no-no.
  3. My Harry Potter books. Not exactly mine, but the familys, and that’s close enough, okay? Ever since I was seven or eight, when I read the Philosophers Stone for the first time, I have been completely in love with series, and the accompanying movies, and I await enthusiastically the day I receive my long overdue Hogwarts Letter
  4. My Nintendo 3DS XL. I haven’t had this for a terribly long time (I only bought it after my birthday, which is very recent), and the only real reason I bought it is because the last Professor Layton video game (which are the came out on it, as well as Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Originally I wanted the actual New Leaf themed 3DS, but it was sold out in Smyths and basically everywhere else… So I got a pink one, which I am deeply in love with, even if I can’t find it on Nintendo’s website.
  5. Schnapper (not Snapper, Schnapper!). Schnapper is a bobblehead turtle toy I bought in a market in France when I was six or so. Since I have the memory of an amnesiac goldfish, it is rare that I remember scenes from holidays past, but I clearly remember actually haggling with the guy selling the bobbleheads, who probably thought it was cute that the little girl wanted to negotiate. I was pretty business-minded back in the day!
  6. My gold and white Opera Glasses. I got these from a friends birthday party, where we went to see a ballet (the Nutcracker) and they are so beautiful, and so, so, so lovely, that they are basically one of my prized posessions.

What did you guys think of my stuff?

Tell me in the comments, and thanks for reading!




3 thoughts on “My Favourite Things

  1. #5 I used to have a toy video recorder that showed scenes of venice. I remember buying it in venice when I was like 3? The toy is gone but the memory is still there.

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