LIKE OMG IT’S TIFF AUD AND BRI, aka The Fake American Personas

I have a friend (who I met at this lovely thing here, and who I will call R) who I do not see often.

As a result of this thing only occurring once a week, and of us not always going to the same one, we communicate mostly through text, where we’ve done some sort of unusual things.

There was the # phase, where we would converse with brief, Twitter-esque hastags, i.e:

Me: #chocolate #omnomnom

R: #ihateyou

There was the instruction in the Ways of the Fangirl stage (which was necessary only because R has never watched Doctor Who, and thus needed to be initiated before she meets any of my other friends), i.e:

Me: Do not, I repeat not, under any circumstances, call him Doctor Who. His name is the Doctor. Okay? And once you’ve mentioned the TARDIS, Silence, Slitheen, or the Weeping Angels, CALL ME OVER, because she will start speaking Whovian. And you do not want to be there when THAT happens.

R: Is the tardis… the box?

And, most recently, (and with another Coder-Dojo friend), the Fake American Persona. Hers is named Tiffany (like, ohmigod, Tiff for, like, short?), mine is Bri, and other friend (named here as B), is Audrey. This has to be my favourite alternate persona (just in front of Wonder Woman, ssh), mainly because the conversations between Tiffany, Audrey, and Brianna, are the For, like, totes serious like ohmigod.


Bri (me): Oh, my god, like, hello?

Tiff: OMG Bri hi, like, how, like, are you?

Aud: Oh my god you guys my mom, like, won’t let me buy that versace goat with her stupid, like, engagement ring, and I’m just, like, totes upset with that because that goat is like, the best thing, like, ever?

It’s basically a fun way to release our inner valley girls while letting us stereotype affluent white Americans to our hearts desire!

Kisses, like, DAHLINGS?



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