What do you write about when you have literally nothing to write about?

I suppose the answer to that is “literally nothing”, but I WILL TRIUMPH OVER ADVERSITY, represented here by WRITER’S BLOCK (boo hiss).

So…. Yesterday… What happened yesterday… I blogged… I walked into the village with my sister… I… I… oh!

So, yesterday, at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, my mom called me from the opticians where she works, and told me that I was leaving at five for Sandycove where my friend and I would be earning our Level 2 in kayaking.

For those of you who don’t know how levels work, they’re used in most water sports (kayaking, sailing, etc.) and go from 1 to 5, 1 being I’ve-been-out-once-or-twice, and 5 being total-bleedin’-expert.

Something to say about the course we were earning our level 2 on, was that my friend and her dad (who brought us and also completed the course), is that while it was originally supposed to be two days long, it took me four, and my friend three, because even though we knew everything we had to by the end of day 2, they didn’t get around to actually giving us our certificates until our last day. Keep in mind that two months came and went in between day 1 and day 4, and just bwaaah, bwaaah here used to represent tiredness and irritation over all the disorganised.

Today, I went to my sisters Speech and Drama show (she takes lessons here), and watched her play the Mirror in Snow White, aaand… that’s about it. I played some more Animal Crossing, I cycled to the local post office to send off some letters for my mom, I ate some ice cream, and that’s literally all I did. Hopefully I’ll have more something to tell ye about tomorrow, but for now, no such luck!




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