DIY: Sew a Coin Pouch!

IMG_20130818_103948Something I’ve been making for the longest time, and have basically perfected, are these little coin pouches. They’re pretty cute, easy to make, and a sorta nice thing to give as a gift, too! I wasn’t sure what I was going to post about today, but since I hadn’t made a pouch in ages, and I had never posted a DIY here at all, I might as well show you how I make them!

Also: If anything doesn’t make sense, or if you’re confused, ask me your question in the comments, and I’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can!


What You’ll Need

  • Some material
  • A length of thin ribbon (I had to cut mine in half)
  • A needle (or two, if you are liable to lose one, like me)
  • Thread
  • A scissors
  • Chalk


First, fold your material in half so the patterned side (if there is one) is facing inwards, and mark out a rectangle. Then, add another, shorter rectangle of the same width on top. This will be the shape of your pouch!

IMG_20130818_102419Cut out around your outline

IMG_20130818_102631Fold it so that the pattern (again, if there is one) is on the inside, making sure you can see your white chalk line.

IMG_20130818_102818Making sure to start on your white chalk line, sew up one side of your pouch…

IMG_20130818_103113Then the other…


And, when you’re confident that your stitches will hold, turn your pouch inside out!


Try to poke out the corners a little more than I did here.


(Optional) The next step involves sewing on one side of your pouch without sewing it shut, so it might be helpful to put a piece of card into it, as a preventative measure.


Start your stitch in the top-left corner of your pouch…

IMG_20130818_103650Then fold it down, and start sewing down the bottom of your fold. Repeat on the other side, and be careful not to sew your pouch shut by accident!

IMG_20130818_103736Poke your ribbon in through the hole in your fold, and pull it through. Thread it through the other side as well!

IMG_20130818_103908Tie the two pieces of ribbon sticking out together to make your handle, or, if the ribbon was too short (like mine was) sew them together. Add a button as a cute decal if you want!

And… There ya go! Your own, handmade little pouch!



PS: Sorry for the late post, I’ve been sort of busy today!


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