Book Review: Paper Towns

*NOTE: Mild spoiler warning, sorry!*

Paper Towns is a book by John Green, who you have probably heard of. Whether from this, this, this, or this, you know, and follow, this man. While The Fault in Our Stars is arguably his most popular book, Paper Towns is a personal favourite of mine. To get a book in my top 10 is pretty difficult (since the majority of the spaces are taken up with Harry Potters 1 through 7), but he’s managed it with not one but TWO books, which is basically the achievement of a lifetime, everyone, a round of applause for this genius. *clapdy clap clap*

Paper Towns is about Quentin “Q” Jacobsen-


It’s narrated by Q. However, you couldn’t say that this book is about him, really. Like I said, he narrates it, but the real focus of the story is Margo Roth Spiegelman, the beautiful, eccentric girl that Q is very much in love with. Love is definitely the right word to use here, note. Q doesn’t “like” Margo, he doesn’t have “a crush” on her, he truly and irrevocably loves her.

The first part of the book, before Margo runs away, revolves around Margo and what she and Quentin do together for one night. The second part revolves around Q trying to piece together, bit by bit, where she might have gone, with the clues she leaves behind her. This part was my favourite, because you really see how Q is putting Margo up on a pedestal in his mind, mentally labelling her this incredible, beautiful, wildly intelligent being who has yes, absolutely thought this whole thing through, and obviously wants him to find her. The third part, and the last, is sort of a reality check for Q, as he races to her before she leaves for good, only to find her in a pained, confused, and ultimately human frame of mind.

Along the way of course, there’s Ben, and Radar, Q’s two best friends, and when they’re not being hilarious, Ben’s being an idiot, so, y’know, always some entertainment goin’ on…

Yes, I rate Paper Towns 9.5 abandoned subdivisions out of 10, and I highly recommend it. Go read it. No, now. Go read it NOW. NAOOO.




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