Stuff I like This Week (2!)

For a refresher on what I write about in SILTW, read this.

I’ve had a pretty unexciting week, so that means lots of internet time, so that means this week’s SILTW is going to be, impossibly, even better than the last one!

Yup, I’ll jump write (ahahaha) in.

Pixar is an integral part of a lot of people’s childhoods, and this Grand Unified Pixar Theory Of Everything combines all the movies you’ve watched over and over again into one timeline, and it is enough to make your brain explode a million times. It’s that amazing.

As a teen girl with infinite inspiration but no sense of style, fashion blogs are my Favourite Thing on the Internet. As such, I follow many, but this girl is just the best. Her outifts are gorgeous, and vintage, and amazing, and just go look at her NAO please.

As you know from last week, I am a pretty big fan of the Animal Crossing franchise as a whole, and this anime movie (unlike most video game movie adaptations, I find), is no exception. It was never released outside Japan, so I watched it dubbed, and I looooved it. The actors are super bright and bubbly, just like they’re supposed to be, you can recognise snippets of music from the games themselves, and the art is really beautiful as well as cotton-candy sweet. 

Lost World’s Fairs is an amazing website dedicated to exploring “typographic possibilities on the web.”. It is a collection of three web pages, each documenting a  descent into a different era. Some really clever programming went into this, and the fonts the pages use are perfect for their separate time periods. I’m into typography and design, and stuff like that, but even someone with different interests can see that this is a very, very, verrry pretty website.

You may know Lia from the Fine Bros React series, where they plop people of different ages and backgrounds in front of a computer and ask them about what they see. Lia is an actress, and has a channel of her own, where she posts vlogs and covers of songs like THIS ONE. This made my list because she is an awesome singer and guitarist, and also because I have a MASSIVE girl crush on her.




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