Social Media (Guest Post)

Hey everyone! My name is Róisín, and I’m filling in for Ciara today. And, from the title, you can probably guess what this post is going to be about.

Now, there’s a story behind my picking this topic. Ciara sent me a text at about 4 or 5 o’clock today to ask me to write a guest post here in case she didn’t get the chance. Of course, I agreed willingly, and told her I would email the post- this post- to her when I arrived back home. However, when I arrived, I got so caught up in checking my texts, emails, and other notifications, that I hardly got a chance to decide what I’d be writing about.

Then it hit me, just as I was checking my Instagram- social media. Some people see it as an intolerable waste of time, while others (more than likely most people, when you think about it) think of it as a fantastic resource that should be availed of by people of all ages.

My stance is sort of indifferent. I don’t own an account on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Vine, Keek, or most other popular social networks, however, I am not completely against the concept of them. I have no strong opinion regarding social media, only that it is kind of bittersweet. Bitter, because of cyber bullying, or, in some cases, stalking, but sweet because they can help us keep in contact with friends from all over the county, and even the world. It can also help us get closer to our favourite music artists, actors, authors, and everything in between. (Directioners, anyone?)
[Note from Ciara: to anyone who, like me, doesn’t know what a Directioner is, it is a very common subspecies of Homo Sapiens who survives solely off hopes, dreams, and the music of British boy band One Direction.]

So, my lovelies, what’s your opinion on social networking and media? Pleeeeeeeease leave a comment below with your opinion, and let me know what you think of my guest post! I understand that it’s a bit different to Ciara’s usual style, but the occasional change can be a good thing, right?

I hope to see you all very soon (sooner than you might think; hint: keep an eye on Ciara’s Instagram! :D).

Peace out, read books,


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