Stuff I Like This Week (trois!)

No clue what this is? Check here before reading.

SILTW Isú a trí!

  • This is How you Load a Dishwasher– Hank Green

Hank Green is one half of the vlogbrothers (the other half is best-selling author John Green) and here he sings an immensely informative song about the intricate art of loading dishwashers. And also why the sun appears the same size as the moon! So… go check THAT out…

Another vlogbrothers bit, this shirt (which I linked to, as with everything else, in the title), is the best thing I have ever seen.

In my life.


I picked this book up on my bi-weekly trip to the library, mostly because I’d never read one of her books before and also because the cover looks cool (because I judge books by covers, insert joke here, ha ha), and it is SO GOOD. It’s about the Place, an “unfathomable land” where dreams wander around, and two girls named Laura and Rose who try to see if they are eligible to be part of the only group of people who can see it, and it is SO GOOD. I can’t really do it justice here, but go buy it/ look at it/ read a kindle sample.

I downloaded a demo of Don’t Starve, a wilderness-survival game, onto my Google Chrome browser when I got my new laptop, and although I suck at PC games, I did enjoy this one till I ran out of time. I never did buy it (because I had no money) but my friend did, and she’s into gaming enough to know a decent distraction when she sees one. Find it here on Steam too, if you’re interested in buying the full version!

(As you can tell, I am vair unused to writing video game reviews.)

This online shop sells the most adorable, dorky accessories (see their Head in the Clouds headband, which I want despite it’s price) that I am probably going to buy at least one of in the next year (because yes! they ship to Ireland!). The website is pretty enough to merit a space here all on it’s own, and the supercute content is just one step up. I just want everything on there. Everything. Bwah.




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