Other People

Talking to people is hard.

So I got my class for the year yesterday, Sadhbh (say “Sigh-ve”). In our year, we have seven or eight class groups, each with different, Irish names beginning with S.
I’m pretty happy with my class, (not that I was worrying too much about it) as I have been put with six of my girlfriends from last year, as well as some nice guys. I think second year’s gonna be okay!

The only problem I have is that I one boy who one of my friends is DIL (Desperately In Love) with is in my class, and thus her class, and as nice as that is for HER, I foresee lots and lots and LOTS of discussion vis à vis him. Yay.

Something that I found last year about being in a class with my already-friends is that I didn’t make any NEW ones, and I don’t see this changing, for two reasons.

2) Everyone knows it.

One of the reasons I’m so weird regarding individuality is because while everyone in my school hasn’t known me my WHOLE LIFE, they’ve known me the past year, and I am the smart-shy-and-not-in-an-endearing-way-girl, and walking into school with, say, blue hair one day will shock people for ten minutes, then they will forget about it and accept it in that weird way when your opinion of person doesn’t actually CHANGE, you just think of them the same way, with blue hair. Not that I am planning on dyeing my hair blue (purple, maybe) but you get my point?

Apologies for the super-long sentence there; I have sentence-prolonging superpowers.


PS: What’s your superpower? Tell me belo-o-o-ow!


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