First off, I want to apologise for not posting yesterday. BUT! I HAVE AN EXPLANATION!

So, as I mentioned here, I was looking for Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men in our local bookshop two days, and, while I couldn’t find it there, I DID find it in Douglas! I met up with Chelsey, Tara and Niamh, some of my friends, as they went to get THEIR copies of the Penultimate Pleasant, and as soon as I got home (and anyone reading who knows me will be unsurprised), I sat down, and I read. I read, I ate, and I read again, and before ten o’clock that night, I had it finished. By then, of course, I was heartbroken and scared and completely exhausted, and I told myself that ‘aw it doesn’t matter i can do it tomorrow MM BED’ or something along those lines.

Derek Landy, the man who writes the (fantastic by the way, I recommend ’em) Skulduggery Pleasant series, writes one book a year, presumably because of the book’s size, and also so he has time to sleep every now and again, and they are most definitely the high point of a month where we are going back to school (ew).

I have read these books since I was in fourth or fifth class, and while I own all of them, and cherish my copies to the extent that I don’t like other people touching them, I do have one objection to their annual releases, which is that THEY ARE GOING TO END. It’s like the Doctor Who dilemma: Does a whovian want the series to end in their lifetime, so the whole wonderful thing is over for good? Or do they want it to continue past their death, so they never do get to see the end?





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