Athletics, Clueless, and Enjoying School

I’ve made a sort of promise to myself to enjoy this school year; I’m with my friends all the time, I can walk around during break, and my classes are interesting, so what’s not to enjoy? My only real problems are that Business is confusing and I’m in an Irish class full of people who went to an Irish school and who know way, WAY more of the language than me. Yay.

So, tomorrow, Athletics training starts up again! I do it with the school (I started last year), and I’m still hoping for a few inexperienced first years to come along. I’m not really, really bad at running (which is mostly what we do at training) but I’m really not that good either… I’ve been to a few events with the school, and my favourite memory of them has to be finishing my first race; I placed 77th out of 150. We had to run 2.5 kilometres, which maybe doesn’t SOUND like a lot but it feels like PLENTY when you’re a relatively unfit thirteen year-old. Another was when I jumped my first hurdle (it was one meant for someone considerably shorter than me).

For todays Ribbons and Bows Project, I took the name literally and tied my hair into two bunches, secured with ribbons. I thought they looked sort of cute, so I matched them with tiny bow earrings and my white eyeliner for some eyezone embiggening. (Eyezone embiggening being the technical term.) They stayed in all day, which is nice, and when your hair is as DUMB as mine, you apprecite stuff that works! I have something in mind for tomorrow… Hopefully I’ll get to try out my cookie hairclip!

I am in the middle of watching Clueless at the moment, and I laaaav it! My brain seems to be in denial about how gorgeous all the protagonists are, and Tai’s hair is just like WHOA. I’m not even sure why I picked it, actually, but I hadn’t seen it yet… And me? Skipping a teen classic?!

Ugh. As if!




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