The Bookshop

That’s right- it’s Ciara’s crappy poetry day!!

You could walk in and gladly,

spend days in the aisles,

shelves and SHELVES,

for miles and miles!


Leather, and INK,

and page upon page,

words, entrapped

in their printed cage.


Some are worn, some new,

some thick tomes of lore,

but each one a world,

with it’s own paper core.


A princess, a wizard,

flat, yes, but real,

with fate to discover,

and feelings, to feel.


I have walked in, and gladly,

spent days in the aisles.

books in my hands,

a smile in my eyes,

and I sit, and I read,

and I think, about stuff,

and I leave, feeling better,

and sometimes, that’s enough.




PS: If you have time, LEAVEZ-MOI SOME FEEDBACK. I will love you forever.


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