Cultural Appropriation (Part 1) and Friend Crushes

And how I’m probably equally bad at both of them!

In case you don’t know, a friend crush is basically exactly what it sounds like: a person you desperately yearn to be friends with but are too shy to approach and talk to properly in case you mess everything up. I have had puh-lenty of friend crushes in my time, and am probably in the middle of a few now, and there’s really only one solution, which is to FACE YOUR SOCIAL INADEQUACY and ALSO YOUR FEAR and (you know) to TALK TO THEM OR SOMETHING. Sadly, all of these things elude me, and I have very little hope of ever really becoming proper real-life friends with these ridiculously perfect amazing gorgeous smart talented fairies.

Now that we’re on the topic, I should probably inform you that placing people on pedestals in your mind is usually a bad idea because they can never live up to this flawless ethereal being you have in your head. I should also probably inform you that I cherish these mind-pedestals and still want to be friends with those I place upon them no matter how disappointing they are.

While we’re talking about things that wreck my head, let me tell you a story.

There once was a girl who wanted to dress up as a goth for Hallowe’en. Now, this girl was not terribly Gothic as a general rule, and what is a goth but just another stereotype, and she was not entirely sure if dressing up as a subculture she didn’t belong to was quite… right. Her line of reasoning went something like:

Conflicted human (CH): I don’t identify as a goth most of the time

CH: But it would be fun to be one for a night

CH: But they sort of put up with meanness from people for the way they dress

CH: And I don’t as a general rule

CH: Also I’m a relatively privileged white girl

CH: Is that even relevant


The girl then realised that dressing up as a member of a stereotype is not the same as dressing up as a specific subculture (sort of) and she lived happily ever after but kept her mind open in case she was wrong and she actually did offend someone.

What this story is about, albeit in a roundabout way, is <b>cultural appropriation</b>, which is when someone from one culture diminishes another to something much, much less than it is, and creates a sort of mockery of it in the process. Examples of this are usually evident in costume parties, or, like in the case above, Hallowe’en.

It’s getting sort of late, so I’m going to finish up for now, but expect a completion of this article in the nearish future.



PS: I’m on Daria season 4 now, having started last week, and there are only five seasons and oh you guys what if I finish it


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