Stuff I like This Week (2!)

For a refresher on what I write about in SILTW, read this.

I’ve had a pretty unexciting week, so that means lots of internet time, so that means this week’s SILTW is going to be, impossibly, even better than the last one!

Yup, I’ll jump write (ahahaha) in.

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My Favourite Things

So, considering most of my followers (except, I think, one?) don’t know me, the most you could tell a stranger about me is the tiny bits of my personality encapsulated in the About page of this blog, and that’s, you know, fine. But I think as I’ve started blogging more (um, two days ago?), I want to share a wee bit of myself with you guys, specifically, little things I have amassed that say something about me.

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Stuff I Like This Week

So, every Monday starting now, I will be posting a list of things that I have found over the week and that I am interested in. These lists will include music, books, websites, video games or apps, videos/moviesgadgets, other blogs, stuff I want You get the picture.

And so!

SILTW issue 1!

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