My Top Five TV Shows


  • Doctor Who

I’m a nerd you guys 


I’m not even going to try and explain how wonderful and ridiculous and brilliant this show is. I’m not going to mention the brilliant actors and actresses that have made and make Doctor Who so amazing. Something else I’m not going to talk about is the GORGEOUS INTRO that I saw for the first time on an actual tv screen and cried about because IT’S SO PRETTY YOU GUYS I CAN’T DEAL

  • Pretty Little Liars

I started watching this show last week, and now I’m on season 2, which may not sound like that much of an achievement, but there are 22 45-minute episodes in season one, so THAT’S A LOT

I like it because of three core reasons:

  1. The plot. It has a plot. I like it. 
  2. The actresses. They’re ridiculously gorgeous
  3. Suspense- This show is literally overflowing with it.
  • Adventure Time

Adventure Time is BASICALLY the weirdest thing ever? It takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth, with characters such as candy people, Ice Kings, rainicorns… It follows Finn, the hat-wearing last human on earth, and his best friend Jake the Dog, in there adventures throughout the lands of Ooo and all it’s kingdoms. It’s weird and cute and wonderful, and even if it is a liiittle bit of a brain fuck, it’s totally worth it for all the awesome.

  • Glee (Strictly seasons 1 and 2)

As anyone who has ever watched Glee knows, seasons 1 and 2 are the best. They’re the ones that really highlight what the show is supposed to be about; MUSIC and DIVERSITY and the TRIUMPH  of UNDERDOGS and also UNICORNS and RAINBOWS. The first two seasons have the best written characters, the best plotlines, and also Klaine, which admittedly season 3 has the most of, but still KLAINE SO CUTE AW

  • Survivor

Everyone, I think, has their own little reality show that they only ever watch with their parents; Survivor is mine. Basically it’s a show where people send in application videos, sixteen people are chosen and sent to an exotic location and every so often there’s a tribal council where people get voted off aaaaand yes not much to say :’)

Oh oh they win a million dollars if they make it to the final three and all the people that were voted off already don’t hate them!







Ambitions and Apologies (and also, Nosebleeds)

To start this post, I want to apologise for not posting the past week; I’ve been busy, and lazy, and writing sometimes is something I want to do privately. I’m really, reeeeaaallly sorry, and I’ll try and get back into my schedule!

Yesterday, I decided to run for student council. This mightn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s playing into my general goal to MAKE MORE EFFORT THIS YEAR. To that end, I’m studying more, writing poetry for the biannual school magazine, the Sketch, and, yes, running for student council. Last year I didn’t want to stand out in particular, but this year, well. I’m already cookie hairclip girl.

(Did I mention I finally wore my cookie hairclip?! And only, like, three people asked could they try some!)

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Stuff I Like This Week (trois!)

No clue what this is? Check here before reading.

SILTW Isú a trí!

  • This is How you Load a Dishwasher– Hank Green

Hank Green is one half of the vlogbrothers (the other half is best-selling author John Green) and here he sings an immensely informative song about the intricate art of loading dishwashers. And also why the sun appears the same size as the moon! So… go check THAT out…

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What I want to Be

Being a teenage girl whose specialty is being bad at communicating with other human beings, I have mastered the art of answering polite ice-breaker questions with as few words as possible. You know the type, the oh-look-the-weather queries people will throw at you when you’re making them uncomfortable with the way you just stand there not talking holding a knife with a Joker-from-Batman smile on your face feel awkward.

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LIKE OMG IT’S TIFF AUD AND BRI, aka The Fake American Personas

I have a friend (who I met at this lovely thing here, and who I will call R) who I do not see often.

As a result of this thing only occurring once a week, and of us not always going to the same one, we communicate mostly through text, where we’ve done some sort of unusual things.

There was the # phase, where we would converse with brief, Twitter-esque hastags, i.e:

Me: #chocolate #omnomnom

R: #ihateyou

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