Excitement over Tape

So I was in Douglas with some of my friends today, to go see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (again) and go shopping with Jayne, Niamh, Chelsey, and David. Now, Douglas Court, a shopping centre in- you guessed it!- Douglas, has the only Art & Hobby shop within half an hour of my house, and everytime I go to Douglas Court (henceforth to be known as DC) I make sure to stop by to look around at the massive pieces of coloured card, the ever-so-slightly less massive paintbrushes, and the stickers (I love me some stickers). Today, however, while looking around, I saw something I thought I’d never see outside of my Instagram feed; Washi Tape.

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LIKE OMG IT’S TIFF AUD AND BRI, aka The Fake American Personas

I have a friend (who I met at this lovely thing here, and who I will call R) who I do not see often.

As a result of this thing only occurring once a week, and of us not always going to the same one, we communicate mostly through text, where we’ve done some sort of unusual things.

There was the # phase, where we would converse with brief, Twitter-esque hastags, i.e:

Me: #chocolate #omnomnom

R: #ihateyou

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