DIY: Sew a Coin Pouch!

IMG_20130818_103948Something I’ve been making for the longest time, and have basically perfected, are these little coin pouches. They’re pretty cute, easy to make, and a sorta nice thing to give as a gift, too! I wasn’t sure what I was going to post about today, but since I hadn’t made a pouch in ages, and I had never posted a DIY here at all, I might as well show you how I make them!

Also: If anything doesn’t make sense, or if you’re confused, ask me your question in the comments, and I’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can!

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LIKE OMG IT’S TIFF AUD AND BRI, aka The Fake American Personas

I have a friend (who I met at this lovely thing here, and who I will call R) who I do not see often.

As a result of this thing only occurring once a week, and of us not always going to the same one, we communicate mostly through text, where we’ve done some sort of unusual things.

There was the # phase, where we would converse with brief, Twitter-esque hastags, i.e:

Me: #chocolate #omnomnom

R: #ihateyou

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So. (Come on Ciara, think of something to say!)

So-o-o. (Oh GOD that was lame!)


Hi! (Cringing, cringing, GOD cringing is a ridiculous word, but, nonetheless, cringing)

So if I were to say not to laugh, would you want to laugh?


So I think what I’m gonna use this here glob for is to put some of my writing… on the internet… for the world… to see.

In theory, of course. Because how is the whole world going to see this? They’re not.

Thanks be to the God that I don’t quite believe in.

And what I mean by all that, is, methinks, that I will post stuff I have done, and that inspires me, and that, hopefully, it will inspire the most minute, infinitesimal bit of interest in you? Fr rlz.