Katherine the Wicth part 4 of x

The next Sunday, when the Amcotts family went to mass, Katherine snuck the book in under her shirt, and, afterwards, showed the book to a priest. He took it from her, and after looking at it for a while, promised to show it to one of his acquaintances, and inform her of what he discovered. A few days later, Margaret Amcotts was arrested. She proceeded to be executed without trial, leaving the Amcotts family despised by the small village they lived in.

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Katherine the Witch part 3 of x

Just… my… story…

The book was written entirely in symbols, ones that looked like birds, and cats, and a number of other, equally strange, things. Katherine had had only the most basic of educations, but the book seemed to her to be laid out in chapters, each chapter containing pages and pages of writing separated into two different columns. And she had no idea what any of it meant.

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Katherine the Witch part 2 of x

Opinions! Opinions! I yearn for thy opinions!


Anyway, heres you go!

She walked back to her small tent that she shared with the other Maids-of-Honour, changed into her night-time shift, and slipped into the welcome numbness of sleep.

She woke up to the relentless twittering of her tent-mates and, after her tiring-woman had helped her into her bone-crushing corset and gown that was required of anyone with a decent social standing in court, Katherine shooed her away. She took a set of keys out of a pocket in her shift, and used it to open the thrice-locked chest she kept with her at all times.

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