Stuff I Like This Week (trois!)

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SILTW Isú a trí!

  • This is How you Load a Dishwasher– Hank Green

Hank Green is one half of the vlogbrothers (the other half is best-selling author John Green) and here he sings an immensely informative song about the intricate art of loading dishwashers. And also why the sun appears the same size as the moon! So… go check THAT out…

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Book Review: Paper Towns

*NOTE: Mild spoiler warning, sorry!*

Paper Towns is a book by John Green, who you have probably heard of. Whether from this, this, this, or this, you know, and follow, this man. While The Fault in Our Stars is arguably his most popular book, Paper Towns is a personal favourite of mine. To get a book in my top 10 is pretty difficult (since the majority of the spaces are taken up with Harry Potters 1 through 7), but he’s managed it with not one but TWO books, which is basically the achievement of a lifetime, everyone, a round of applause for this genius. *clapdy clap clap*

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