boo hello there hi 😀

not sure where you are well you’re here you’re welcome.

Sherlock is a British TV show written by Doctor Who mastermind, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss. Now, if you have ever been on Tumblr, ever, you know what this is, but if you have managed to avoid wandering into that soul-sucking blue wasteland of a website then I all I can do is suggest that you go watch it. Now please.

I have found people who sing Taylor Swift songs better than Taylor Swift and if you know me AT ALL you will know that I am a serious Swifty (is that even a thing hmm).

Anyway everyone’s favourite Tiffany put me onto them and as everyone knows Tifanny’s taste is like impeccable. Omg.

(Bonus video: Them with Carrie H. Fletcher)

I was in Waterford over the weekend, and while in the city I came upon a bookshop. Not just any bookshop, however. The Waterford Book Centre. And you guys. You guys. It’s beautiful. It’s massive, and pretty, and there’s a cafe, and you can drink hot chocolate and read books and buy Doctor Who birthday cards and it’s all under one roof and asdfghjkl

Let it suffice to say I love it more than chocolate, and it is my new favourite place in the world.

Anyway, while in this beautiful centre of wonderfulness, I bought three books:

Such Wicked Intent–  Kenneth Oppel

Sidenote: My cover is much cooler than the one Amazon has and it has only just occurred to me that I seem to have bought the second book in the series by accident.

Will Grayson Will Grayson– John Green and David Leviathan (The first John Green book I’ve ever actually bought for myself like a big girl)


A Face Like Glass– Frances Hardinge.

A Face Like Glass is a really, really, REALLY amazing book set in Caverna, a menacing place full of plots and schemes, where no-one is born with the gift of facial expression. Instead, people are taught Faces, basically, pre-programmed ways of moving their face, with names like ‘In contemplation of Verdigris’ or ‘An Ode to Peppermint’. Neverfell is a girl, living in Caverna, with a face that (le gasp) does things by itself woah wat I know

I’ll stop before I spoil the story, but this really is a wonderful book, and I highly recommend it!

It’s about quarks and it is also wonderful.

Hank Green is very much sort of amazing ssh.

As I guess some of you will know, Brave is one of my favourite Pixar movies (which I will explain someday don’t kill me), and part of the reason for this is the main character, Merida. I’ll just let the page I linked you to explain this for me, but if you have ONE SECOND spare time sign this and I will love you forever and ever.



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