Stuff I Like This Week

So, every Monday starting now, I will be posting a list of things that I have found over the week and that I am interested in. These lists will include music, books, websites, video games or apps, videos/moviesgadgets, other blogs, stuff I want You get the picture.

And so!

SILTW issue 1!

  • Burn– Ellie Goulding

If you haven’t heard this song yet, click on the link to listen to it on youtube and be amazed by the sheer awesomeness and ELLIE GOULDING BWAHHH

  • 1984– George Orwell

I am a big, big reader (as some of you will know, I suppose), and need to bring about twenty million books on holidays because if i do not then I will run out of books and I don’t even want to THINK about that. Anyway, the solution to my problems was a Kindle, and that’s where I downloaded this. Please note there is a bit of explicit nature to the protagonists narrative, but all that is a bit undermined by the constant sense that they could be caught at any moment by the all-seeing Thought Police, the seemingly-omnipotent Big Brother, or even their “friends” children.

I won’t go on much more about it, but this is a brilliantly written, thought-provoking, and deeply creepy book with an unsettling ending that is definitely in my top-10-books-of-all-time list.

At its most basic, the Animal Crossing series of video games is a life simulation where you live in a town filled with animals as a human, while trying to make friends, decorate your house prettily, and paying off succeeding mortgages on said house.

It is completely addictive.

New Leaf is no different to the other games, premise-wise, but it is definitely an improvement on the last installment, City Folk (for the Wii). For this girl, who’s only ever played Wild World (made for the Nintendo DS), New Leaf is all I could’ve asked for and more. It’s cute, it’s fun, and I’ve long let go of any semblance of productivity.

The Neon Papaya is a fashion and life blog written by fellow teenager,  Sophie Monteverde, that I have become completely enamoured with. Her content is consistently fun to read, and the girl dresses like someone who knows her wardrobe very, very well.

Now, I know this site will be old news to some people, but I only discovered it earlier today, and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. Here, you can make collage-style images with a range of stylish, ADORABLE clothes that you will never, ever (sniffle), own. It’s basically fashion porn.




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